Ever had a problem with your computer and wondered whom you should call for tecchincal support? Well, look no further, you can now.  IT Guru 4 U is an onsite and remote computer tech. support company, extending professional support services.  IT Guru 4 U attempts to bridge the gap of service by providing quality, trained engineers available on call to service your computers. IT Guru 4 U ensures that all engineers are thoroughly trained and well versed in multiple operating systems and IT Guru 4 U's unique tools and applications, thus ensuring that high quality service is always provided. Not just that, we are the first to offer the "No Fix No Charge" policy and a 30 day work guarantee.
No Fix, No Charge

IT Guru 4 U's No Fix No Charge guarantee means that if we cannot provide you with a solution to your problem, we will not charge you for our services.

Fixed Rate Card

Know what you will pay before you call us, a fixed rate for all our computer repair services. No matter how long it takes for us to fix your problem you pay a fixed amount.

Work Guaranteed for 30 day*

All our work is guaranteed for 30 days, when we fix an issue it stays fixed, some cases if there is a problem with what we did then we solve it free for 30 days. * This guarantee is not applicable for virus and trojan removal service.

Instant Support Services

Another first of its kind service in U.S.A., IT Guru 4 U offers Instant Remote Support, where a geek will login to your computer remotely, with your permission ofcourse, and resolve the issue. And what more, Instant support is cheaper than an onsite visit. So check it out and see if your problem can be solved remotely.

Free Remote Support for 30 days

We provide free remote support for upto 30 days from the day a geek visits you. So when there is re-ocurrence in any issue, we provide remote support and solve it ASAP.

No Hidden Charges

We won't charge you extra if it takes more time for us to repair, like other computer repair / service companies.
No matter how long we spend repairing your computer we only charge a fixed rate. So you know what you will pay when you call us.

Service Level Agreements

We have the option of signing Service Level Agreement's with customers who run mission critical applications and need faster response time and resolution.

Pay as you go Plans
Pick and choose the support plan best suited to your needs. We offer multiple support plans to suit all your needs. Know more about our exciting new offers.